The blue eyes

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Hello there yugioh players, this card( Blue-Eyes White dragon) is 1 of my fav cards! its super powerful! every duel i play i try my best to summon it! People say its quite rare to! I also have its brother, the Red-eyes B. dragon! I mean like...whats not awsome about 3000 ATK an 2500 DEF????? and its blue!

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Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the signature card of Seto Kaiba In the anime and manga Kaiba owns three of them. Yugi muto's grandpa initially owned the fourth, but Kaiba tore it up so it could never be used against him. Throughout the series, Kaiba frequently uses the Blue Eyes motif to decorate his personal effects (notably his jet, his amusement park, and his clothing).

During the Memory World arc, the Blue Eyes White Dragon is revealed to be the Ka of a girl named Kisara. She and Priest Seto (Seto Kaiba's past incarnate) shared a deep bond that appears to have carried over into Kaiba's modern-day obsession with the BEWD. As a monster, versus just a playing card, the power of the Blue Eyes was shown to surpass even that of the Egyptian gods, as it was the first monster to successfully injure Zorc Necrophades (even after Zorc had survived combined assaults from all three gods did not work).